Customize your BlackBerry Torch with Colorware

Been waiting for colored BlackBerry Torch’s to hit the market? Well looks like you might have to wait a little longer. Until then you might want to take a look at Colorware for the BlackBerry Torch. Colorware allows you to customize your BlackBerry Torch 9800 with nearly every color under the sun. Custom coloring for the Torch starts at $250 if you want to send in your own device, or if you would like to purchase a new unlocked device fully painted it will be just over $1000. So head on over to and start coloring today!


2 Responses to “Customize your BlackBerry Torch with Colorware”

  1. rezn

    Sep 30. 2010

    I can’t lie. This Orange makes the Torch 9800 series a whole lot sexier than it already is.

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  2. Josh

    Oct 09. 2011

    thats rediculous i would never pay that i just ordered a white blackberry torch for 250$ and i bought an orange full housing and i made this myself for 275$ total this is garbage you type in Blackberry torch housing in google and get creative :P

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